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Factors to consider when Choosing Concrete worktops

Concrete might not be the first materials that you would think of when designing a new kitchen worktop. However, this material is quickly becoming trendy for the kitchen and bathroom. Concrete worktops are not only stylish, modern, and effective, however they last a lifetime. Concrete as a material tends to withstand stains, heat, and heavy bumps. This material is gaining popularity because of its affordability and durability in comparison with other worktops such as wood, marble or granite.
If you are renovating your kitchen or bathroom, then opt for worktops from ConcreteMade. We offer a wide selection of designs, colors and finishing. Our aim to deliver quality and designs that match your overall scheme of the house. It is imperative to remember that installing a concrete worktop is no task for an amateur. Rather you should always hire professional help. 

Naturally, worktops should be able to take weight and last a long time. Concrete worktops are durable and can endure heavy use when appropriately sealed. ConcreteMade offers tops for kitchen and bathroom that are resistant to damage whether it is from scratching or heat. By placing a concrete worktop, you will not have to worry about damage from the hot pan. 

The edges of a worktop is the most important factor to consider when it comes to styling your kitchen. Majority of the times, you will find square edges that are standard. ConcreteMade offers more than just the standard design. We have decorative edges including ogee, bullnose, bevel and even radius. These countertops will help you customize a kitchen easily.

Cost effective services
ConcreteMade is a leading manufacturer and designer of contemporary polished concrete products. Our top of the line items include worktops, sinks and basins. Owing to our experience, we are able to hire the right vendors which aids us to bring the costs down. When it comes to installing a worktop, you should opt for a service that is cost effective service.  

Contact us to get a top quality countertop that will bring style to your house. We will take a creative approach to advise the right design and also offer free installation services.
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Factors to consider when Choosing Concrete worktops