Concrete colour samples

We can deliver your new concrete item in any colour

The role colours play in the overall home decor is unmatched by any other factor. Colours capture people’s attention, as no other thing does. Imagine your exterior has a bright red bench studded with crisp green patterns. The colors would lure people from far away to check out the unique piece.

ConcreteMade LTD takes pride in saying that it uses only premium paints that are made from high-end raw material. Moreover, our lineup of colors is never-ending. From the glittering white to the gloomy black, you can get all types of colors and all types of shades from ConcreteMade LTD. We paint our concrete pieces in multiple coats so that they maintain regularity and get a well-rounded finesse. 

Finishing is the last and perhaps the most crucial aspect of increasing a piece’s aesthetic appeal. Not only does it give the concrete a classic finesse, but it also makes it more resistant to physical and chemical damage. Hence, if you want a concrete item in literally any colour or shape you like, get a free quote from ConcreteMade LTD right now and get all the information you need about the pricing and the colour combination before ordering.
we can deliver your new concrete item in any colour
concrete colour samples
Colour Natural
Light Grey
Colour Light Grey
Medium Grey
Colour Medium Grey
Dark Grey
Colour Dark Grey
Ultra Dark Grey
Colour Ultra Dark Grey
Colour Black
Concrete finishing

From rough industrial look and feel to high gloss

When it comes to concrete, it has more to it than just colour and sustainability. Concrete is mouldable, which means that we can shape it into whatever size and shape we like. The texture is perhaps concrete’s distinct feature which makes it different from other materials. Marble is always smooth and glossy, while granite is rough and porous, but concrete is versatile.

It can give us all varieties of textures, from a stern industrial look to a premium glossy finesse. Although the set concrete is similar, it gives the workers the liberty to polish and sand the surface as per the requirements. Here at ConcreteMade LTD, we have workers who specialise in crafting all types of concrete products as per the customers’ liking.

You name the texture, and we can create it, no matter how complex or unrealistic it might seem. Therefore, if you are interested in installing either a kitchen worktop, countertop, sink, or walls, floors and custom made pieces, all with a luxurious finish that captures the visitors’ eye, contact ConcreteMade LTD right now!
Light polish
Light polish
Medium polish
Medium polish
Heavy polish
Heavy polish