How it works?


we start by taking measurements

ConcreteMade LTD has broken its manufacturing process into three main pieces to make it more manageable to regulate and impossible to go wrong. Our team takes full charge of each process and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Our procedure commences with our team taking measurements of your sinks, basins, countertops, walls, floors, etc. It is utterly crucial to take measures precisely so that the products made fit perfectly.

In that regard, our teams utilise cutting-edge technology to take measurements accurately to the nearest millimetre. No matter how unconventional your kitchen design is, we are experienced in taking perfect lines and lengths so that the products go hand in hand with your kitchen.
The Process - we start by taking measurements
We follow up with templating and moulding

We follow up with templating and moulding

Once our team has taken the measurements, we begin the second step to achieving brilliance: templating and moulding. Unlike wooden apparel that can be carved, concrete goods need to set in moulds that are accurate to the original location.

We invest our time crafting the templates flawlessly, followed by filling our secret concrete mix that lasts for decades. These moulds can take hours or even days to set correctly, and as we don’t rush the setting process, we go with the long wait.

Finally, each concrete piece is removed from the template by hand, and workers craft it to smooth out the nooks and crannies.

We apply desired finish and install your item

Finally, when the mould is set and smoothened out, it’s time to add the finishing touches that take the monotonous concrete and convert them into modern pieces of pure art!

ConcreteMade LTD crafts only bespoke designs. Therefore, you can brief us about your expected finish, and we will act on your advice. From dark glossy black coats to shiny shimmering golden edges, ConcreteMade LTD can do it all.

Our team will also install the concrete worktop, countertop, or decoration piece perfectly in place so that you don’t have to do any of the hard work. So without further ado, give us a ring and allow us to revamp your kitchen and take it one level up!
We apply desired finish and install your item
Why choose us?
Designed to your specs

- Designed to your specs -

ConcreteMade LTD prides itself on designing every product uniquely for every customer, even if you have some designs in mind that appear unrealistic. If you are interested in revamping your kitchen by installing a cutting-edge sink, washbasin, or countertop, give us a ring, and we will craft a premium design that is ideal for your home.
Made to last

- Made to last -

All of our products are made by incorporating state of the art technology with years old traditions and practices. The artisans at ConcreteMade LTD have years of experience, and that reflects our product’s quality. If taken care of correctly, our concrete products are built to last, years if not decades!
Installed to perform flawlessly

- Installed to perform flawlessly -

ConcreteMade LTD’s kitchen countertops, worktops, sinks, and washbasins are as functional as aesthetically pleasing. Our professional workers design every product by hand so that not even a single piece has a minor flaw. Hence, you can rest assured that the products you opt for from ConcreteMade LTD will continue to work error-free.