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Concrete is somewhat similar to our natural wood or stone we use in construction. But there are plenty of attributes and traits that differentiate it from the aforementioned. It needs regular maintenance: a set of simple elementary protocols we need to ensure that our concrete products remain in top shape all year long. As we all are aware that concrete is a porous substance, it is understood that water seeping in could cause us some trouble. Therefore, we can treat our concrete with sealers so that all its pores are clogged and become water-resistant. Perhaps the best sealing option is the application of wax. It is cheap and convenient and can easily be reapplied to cover up some scratches or bare marks. Although sealers are an excellent choice, they scratch and delaminate, causing the top surface to look chipped off and flaky. In that regard, we can remove and replace the entire sealer as it is not very expensive.

As mentioned earlier, regular wax is perhaps the best we’ve got when it comes to keeping pour concrete tops look shiny and contemporary. It is the first line of defence, and without the application of wax, your concrete is prone to easy staining and scratching. Moreover, Beeswax is also a practical option if one needs to give their concrete a glistening polished finish. All of the products sold by ConcreteMade LTD are pre-polished using a blend of our waxes that we have tried and tested to get the optimum ratios. Despite all this, it all comes down to your handling and maintenance. You need to keep the surfaces as dry as possible so that the sealer, and ultimately, your concrete tops remain intact.

Here at ConcreteMade LTD, we suggest our customers keep their concrete tops away from any kind of acids, like lime juice, lemon juice, and vinegar. It might seem unusual, but the acid can react with the sealer and destroy the premium varnish. Moreover, if your countertop is of soft colour, you need to be extra cautious as colors like white, grey, and fawn are more susceptible to staining.

Therefore, ConcreteMade LTD advises you to take particular care of such worktops as long as they are getting cured. Because when the concrete and sealer are raw, all types of acids like citric from fruits and acetic from vinegar can damage its surface, leaving a permanent mark.

On top of that, as we have got the chemical trauma under control, now its time to keep the physical shocks in check. Several kitchen necessities like cutting, scoring, chopping, and pasting need to be done on top of cutting boards instead of the bare worktops. Such abrasion can gradually erode the top surface, rendering your concrete vulnerable to physical and chemical damage. Furthermore, we also need to be cautious not to nick the corners using a heavy object as even the slightest of openings can be troublesome. ConcreteMade LTD suggests you clean your surfaces with soft, smooth, and harmless items like kitchen towels, paper towels, or sponges. This would prevent any physical scoring of the sealant due to sharp surfaces.

Apart from that, ConcreteMade LTD makes all its concrete products 100 per cent water-resistant. You can apply all the water you want as long as it is pure. However, if the water you use contains minerals, things could go downhill if you let it stay on the countertops for extended periods. Minerals in water are left behind as the notorious white residue no one wants to see. Therefore, always keep your worktops dry to prevent any stains. But even if someone has got some mineral stains on their concrete tops, they need not worry. If your product was purchased from ConcreteMade LTD, we assure you that a straightforward waxing and polishing job would make them good as new. Just be careful not to do excessive scrubbing or using corrosive elements as both of them can rip off the sealant, making matters worse.

Like any professional brand, ConcreteMade LTD’s warranty complies stringently with the guidelines mentioned in the Terms & Conditions. Therefore, to keep your warranty intact, make sure to give them a read so that you don’t indulge in any practice that makes your warranty void. Moreover, ConcreteMade LTD complies with its warranty only within the UK borders(subjected to terms and conditions). We strictly abide by the state laws and by no means limit your legal rights. As responsible consumers, keep the receipt safe at all times so that things run smoothly. Your warranty begins once you pick the product from our facility or when our team installs it at your house. Everything is mentioned clearly on the receipt you will get.

ConcreteMade LTD offers a one-year/ 12 calendar months warranty. If a problem arises during this tenure, the brand takes full responsibility for the fault and replaces or repairs the product as per their earliest convenience. This warranty covers all technical faults except for any physical damage your capriciousness may have caused. After the 12 calendar months are over, ConcreteMade LTD has no say in the warranty. Additionally, as our concrete products are all-natural and made only from reliable elements, natural imperfections like veins, pot marks, and mini fissures are not subject to warranty acclamation. Likewise, if there is a slight imperfection in the colour or thickness due to the natural material’s inconsistency, it is not considered a warranty breach. Therefore, ConcreteMade LTD advises you to keep the receipt of purchase safely with you so that we can deal with them smoothly if any discrepancies arise.

What is Covered
ConcreteMade LTD’s warranty is comprehensive and all-inclusive. It covers every product’s integrity and material structure sold by our brand. If there are any material defects and technical discrepancies in the worktops within 12 calendar years, we are subject to replacing or repairing the product. Furthermore, if you have had your countertop installed by ConcreteMade LTD, we take full responsibility for the fitting and installation. Our warranty covers any malfunctions that might arise due to compromised workmanship. We will replace/repair the faulty part or replace the entire worktop in any of the aforementioned cases. We can also offer you the cash value in return for the product if you justify it with a reasonable argument. Additionally, if there is a replacement request and the material is not available at the moment, ConcreteMade LTD has the liberty to offer the nearest equivalent product as the replacement. Importantly, our warranty is only valid if you inform us before going for any local repairs. If you go for the latter, the warranty is void.

What is Not Covered
ConcreteMade LTD’s warranty does not incorporate any kind of faults or deterioration resulting due to:

The renovation or substitution of any third-party elements;

Reasonable justifiable damage, causing scars or staining;

Any damage caused by misuse like cutting or direct heat on worktops, other physical trauma. On top of that, chemical abuse like acids and unauthorised repair;

Misuse, like using the worktop for any unprescribed purpose which was not stated at the time of purchase.

Not abiding by the instructions and going all out against the guidelines stated in this Terms & Conditions manual and Aftercare Instructions given by our employees. 

Mobile or ambulatory parts that understandably have a limited lifetime, like rubber seals around sinks.

Installation and site maintenance performed by yourself or any third-party other than ConcreteMade LTD.

Any product NOT sold under ConcreteMade LTD’s name.

Silicone - Once the product has been installed, replacing and maintaining the silicone is the owners’ responsibility, not the brand’s.

Any kind of damage caused by the incorrect arrangement of cabinets, poorly structured surroundings, and sub-par folded cabinets. Any such loss is not the products’ fault. Hence, the brand takes NO responsibility for it and has no duty to replace the countertop.

If there are any complaints during the installation process, they must be reported to us immediately, when the workers are present at your premises. Once they leave, no such complaints will be entertained.

Placing An Order
Placing an order is subject to paying the deposit. Those of you who are familiar with working with professional brands can second the fact that such enterprises take a deposit in advance to ensure the client’s reliability. ConcreteMade LTD takes a £300-£2000 deposit based on its monetary value. Once this is done, we confirm your order, schedule it, and create the template.

Please note that deposit is payable upon receipt of invoice and no work will commence until full payment is received.

Deposit payments are non-refundable and are taken to compensate our business for the time, effort (such as taking measurements and making templates), and money expended up to that point.

Finally, the installation day comes, before we fit the piece in place we take the full payment. Besides, if there are any discrepancies in the date and time, we are not liable to give you any refund.

Once the customer has accepted all dimensions and necessary information and has paid the required deposit in advance, on delivery of the finished product the customer is obliged to pay the full amount agreed upon in the quotation.

The following circumstances are exceptions: the delivered product is in incorrect dimensions, there are visible damages or cracks; or the colour of the finished product is wrong.

Concretemade is not responsible for errors in design resulting from failure to provide key information for the project.

As many of our items are heavy, they cannot be carried over long distances by human strength. Consequently, the client must ensure that there is sufficient parking space at the delivery address for a large van.

If a parking permit is necessary, it is the customer's responsibility to produce one; failure to do so may result in a penalty fee being assessed and added to the customer's bill.

Before installation occurs, the customer must thoroughly prepare all installation sites.

Any modifications to the surrounding structures must be done by the customer prior to installation, since Concretemade LTD is not responsible for them.

All surfaces, including sinks, taps, and cooktops, must be removed, and all cabinets must be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for installation.

Any claims or concerns about the installation of Concretemade LTD products must be raised during the installation process. Complaints cannot be entertained after the personnel have departed the location.

Due to inadequate surface preparation, extra delivery fees plus VAT will be charged for each trip Concretemade LTD must make to match the surfaces.

Rebooking Fee
We may require a Rebooking Fee when, on the day of a prearranged installation, the site is not prepared for the installation, such as cabinets, blocks of bricks, brackets, and when the installation ground or surface is not levelled. In these cases, ConcreteMade LTD can refuse the installation and reschedule for another date, in which case the customer will be charged for the delivery as well as a rebooking fee of £100-300 depending on the amount and time of the work.

Concretemade LTD can exchange the product or refund part of the order value in case the product was delivered in a different size, colour, shade or thickness or the product appears to be faulty.

In these cases, depending on the customer, Concretemade LTD takes full responsibility and can replace the product at no extra cost, or make a partial refund agreed in advance with the customer within 30 days of installation. After 30 days no refunds are possible.