concrete sinks and basins

hand-made polished sinks, perfect for any interior

ConcreteMade LTD has access to cutting-edge technology to ensure that the sink and basins are measured precisely to the nearest millimetre! Therefore, no matter the design your kitchen has, the interior decor theme you have set, our team of experts can craft hand-made sinks that will complement the rest of the kitchen.

Yes! Every single piece that leaves our inventory is made by hand. Our team features adept workers that have been serving in the industry for decades. They use every inch of their expertise and make the sinks have a luxurious finesse. Our hand-made polished sinks are made using only premium material as ConcreteMade LTD never compromises on quality.

We polish our sinks and basins to give them a glossy finish that revamps their design and elevates it to the next level. There is a clear distinction between the quality of machine-made products and hand-made products. The finish you will see in our sinks is genuinely dazzling. Hence, if you want your kitchen sinks and basins to be glamorous showstoppers, contact us without further ado!
Concrete sinks - hand-made polished sinks, perfect for any interior
Concrete basins - raw, beautiful and engineered to last a lifetime

raw, beautiful and engineered to last a lifetime

We understand that kitchen sinks and basins need to have an aesthetic charm that lures everyone towards them. Therefore, ConcreteMade LTD has an eye for perfection. Our sinks have designs with a raw glamour that adds an earthy feel to them. Nature is a theme that goes surprisingly well in kitchens.

Hence, we also specialise in creating sinks that have a natural vibe to them. Moreover, ConcreteMade LTD has a team of experienced craftsmen who have all the expertise in the world needed to devise beautiful sink models. Whether you want a modern, vibrant sink or a traditional robust one, our team can cater to every customer’s requirements.

ConcreteMade LTD tailors its sinks and basins using cutting-edge engineering and state of the art technology. All our products come with extended warranties, on top of our word that if used correctly, our sinks will last a lifetime! Yes, you read that precisely! Our concrete sinks are as sturdy as they get. If you don’t misuse them, they will easily last decades without going dull or chipping off.