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Important: Please note that due to different device screen settings, the lighting, and the nature of material (concrete), the tone and texture of the samples presented below will appear slightly different on an actual sample. We strongly advise our customers to order samples before they place an order with us to ensure they are happy with product colour and texture.
  • White
  • Natural Medium Polish
  • Natural Light Polish
  • Light Beige Medium Polish
  • Light Beige Light Polish
  • Beige Medium Polish
  • Beige Light Polish
  • Dark Beige Medium Polish
  • Dark Beige Light Polish
  • Yellowstone Medium Polish
  • Yellowstone Light Polish
  • Ultra Light Grey Medium Polish
  • Ultra Light Grey Light Polish
  • Light Grey Medium Polish
  • Light Grey Light Polish
  • Grey Medium Polish
  • Grey Light Polish
  • Medium Grey Medium Polish
  • Medium Grey Light Polish
  • Ash Medium Polish
  • Ash Light Polish
  • Anthracite Medium Polish
  • Anthracite Light Polish
  • Dark Grey Medium Polish
  • Dark Grey Light Polish
  • Ultra Dark Grey Medium Polish
  • Ultra Dark Grey Light Polish
  • Black Medium Polish
  • Black Light Polish
  • Black Stone
  • Chocolate Medium Polish
  • Chocolate Light Polish
  • Dark Chocolate Medium Polish
  • Dark Chocolate Light Polish
  • Brown Medium Polish
  • Brown Light Polish
  • Salomon Medium Polish
  • Salomon Light Polish
  • Rose Medium Polish
  • Rose Light Polish
  • Pink Medium Polish
  • Pink Light Polish
  • Dark Pink Medium Polish
  • Dark Pink Light Polish
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