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bespoke concrete kitchen worktops and countertops

ConcreteMade LTD specialises in producing high-end kitchen worktops and countertops, all made from a premium secret concrete mix. With all our heart, we have served thousands of customers in the past few years, and they are delighted with our kitchen worktops’ quality and luxurious finesse.

All our products can be made perfectly according to your demand. From miniature kitchens to massive, expensive ones, ConcreteMade LTD can cater to everyone’s needs. We strive to offer our customers only the best of the best.

Therefore, we handcraft our worktops and countertops to the centimetre so that the bespoke designs are precisely what the customer wants.
Concrete kitchen worktops and countertops

comprehensively concrete

From start to completion.
If you are in search of a versatile brand that has the potential to cater to all your needs regarding concrete products, from floors, walls, and decoration pieces to countertops and worktops, you have arrived at a one-stop solution. ConcreteMade LTD is a brand featuring expert craftsmen, cutting edge technology, and an eye for perfection. Contact us now and get all the details you need!

made to order concrete kitchen sinks and wash basins

All of ConcreteMade LTD’s products, including the concrete sinks and washbasins, are bespoke designs. We are strictly against the mass production of monotonous designs because when it comes to home decor, especially bathroom decor, we cannot compromise on eclecticism.

Therefore, ConcreteMade LTD takes every customer’s order separately and asks them to brief us regarding their requirements, dimensions, etc. Once we have all the details, our adept team of artisans put their heart and soul into crafting concrete kitchen sinks and washbasins whose quality and luxury is unparalleled.

If you have a design in the thought you want to bring to reality, ask for a free quote now, and allow the experts to assist you.
Concrete kitchen sinks and wash basins
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100% satisfaction guaranteed
100% satisfaction guaranteed
100% satisfaction guaranteed
100% satisfaction guaranteed
100% satisfaction guaranteed
Designed to your specs

- Designed to your specs -

ConcreteMade LTD prides itself on designing every product uniquely for every customer, even if you have some designs in mind that appear unrealistic. If you are interested in revamping your kitchen by installing a cutting-edge sink, washbasin, or countertop, give us a ring, and we will craft a premium design that is ideal for your home.
Made to last

- Made to last -

All of our products are made by incorporating state of the art technology with years old traditions and practices. The artisans at ConcreteMade LTD have years of experience, and that reflects our product’s quality. If taken care of correctly, our concrete products are built to last, years if not decades!
Installed to perform flawlessly

- Installed to perform flawlessly -

ConcreteMade LTD’s kitchen countertops, worktops, sinks, and washbasins are as functional as aesthetically pleasing. Our professional workers design every product by hand so that not even a single piece has a minor flaw. Hence, you can rest assured that the products you opt for from ConcreteMade LTD will continue to work error-free.
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Concrete Worktops & Countertops ProjectsConcrete Made photo
Concrete Worktops & Countertops ProjectsConcrete Made photo
Concrete Worktops & Countertops ProjectsConcrete Made photo
Concrete Worktops & Countertops ProjectsConcrete Made photo
A 4.5 metre worktop?
Of course we take on the challenge!
We have been approached by a customer to provide a quote for a 4.5m outdoor worktop for their brand-new custom build barbecue area. We are proud to say that we were one of two companies within the UK who agreed to design, build, and install such a large size worktop as a one piece of concrete. 
It came out brilliantly and the customer was delighted.
4.5m outdoor worktop for a brand-new custom build
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Best Decorative Concrete Countertops

Best Decorative Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are becoming widely common and are becoming a huge part of kitchen furnishings. Typically known for building foundations, fence-posts, and patios, concrete is one of the sturdy materials. Moreover, concrete is flexible, making it moldable and offering sleek outcomes.
ConcreteMade - High-End Concrete Walls and Floor Installer

ConcreteMade - High-End Concrete Walls and Floor Installer

If you are looking to save money on your latest home renovation project yet want a glamorous feel, it is time to install concrete walls and flooring. Concrete walls and flooring offer an immaculate flow through the house while offering a stylish outlook.